Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Naturalistic Beauty

Now I might be biased because I spent the last three years working in and developing the Eastern Pleasure Garden here at Trentham Gardens in my role as garden supervisor, but there is a simple beauty in the the yellow and blue delight of the Iris sibirica and Trollius europaeus which are flowering in the Rivers of Grass at this time of year, that for me is a welcome sight from the usually spring flowering delights of azaleas and blue bell offerings that we are used to. The splash of pinky white flat headed Chaerophyillum hirstum adds a air of fluffiness's if there is such a world punctuated by the pink dots of Persicaria bistorta, which is both uplifting and smile worthy. Even the heads down must get to the playground  traffic can`t help but stand a moment to take in the freshness before moving on. This naturalistic beauty heralds the start of the flowering season in the Eastern Pleasure Garden and is fast becoming a "must see" for horticulturist in the know. Another skillful execution in the naturalistic talents of Piet Oudolf

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