Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Garden Design Workshops

I will be starting my workshops in a new vein this year by giving design tips and advice on your own gardens. The twice monthly workshops will give you the opportunity to bring along photos and plans of that problem area in your own garden you have being scratching your head over for an age wishing you could do something spectacular with or maybe even a solution to hide the shed or bins, the garden design workshops will provide solutions for these and many more.

The workshops will be for a day with an introduction to simple design tips and a tour around the gardens to discuss the history and see how the design techniques have been used by the designers of the gardens here at Trentham.

Lunch at the gardens tearooms to dicuss your new found skills then back to work to then put your skills to work on your own garden. With the aid of your photos and plans I will provide solutions to that awkward area with your help by putting the things you have learned throughout the day, to good use.

The first workshop is on the 11th March to find out future dates click Here.

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