Garden Design Workshops 2015

Trentham Garden Tours 2015 workshops are monthly on Sundays dates below 10am to 1pm and will include a tour of the gardens discussing the design aspects of the gardens in order to relate these design techniques into your own garden.

Details of the workshops dates are on the Trentham Gardens Website

The workshops will provide you with an opportunity to learn the basic garden design principles and to use your new found skills to provide solutions for the problems areas of your own patch at home.

If you could bring along to the workshop pictures of your garden and /or drawings of the areas that need addressing.

Sunday 19th April
Sunday 17th May
Sunday 28th June
Sunday 26th July
Sunday 23rd August
Sunday 20th September

10am start 1pm finish.

£33 per person

10% discount for Annual Ticket Holders and 20 % discount for RHS Members.

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  1. I am confused.
    Is this list of dates the dates for workshops at Trentham?
    If so, why have you put in a link to the dates (Details of the workshop dates are on the Trentham Garden website)? to duplicate the information

    atm that link if broken, so impossible to check the date info.